Meditations From Mamaku

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Some new stuff… ‘ inspired ‘ by the recent weather… recorded live in the cottage as per usual. I’d recommend listening to The Truth Dream followed by The Wind, whilst snuggled in a warm bed and going to sleep.



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As father of three under fives the concept of free time is somewhat devoid of context. However there are times (usually between 9pm and 3am) when I get together with my instruments in the cottage to create. The following tracks are from this year and were all recorded live,extemporaneously and as first takes. Delve on in…

The Unknown Part 1

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Rawcous , noisy, wild and free. Enter the darker wilder side as various combos of Andrew, Ian, Glenn and Rod serve it up live and kickin on the plate.


Billy was recorded the day of William Burroughs death.

Download the whole kit and kaboodle here.

Dodo Duo

•June 9, 2009 • 1 Comment

Here’s a blast from the 80’s. Ian and Andrew Unknown were a tight little duo with a bluesy/rnr heart and a beat soul. Who could forget the night at the Rising Sun tavern when they took the stage with a guitar and a panic drum ( a concoction made from a tin can and a guitar string which Ian wielded as a percussive/rhythmic accompaniment to Andrews burning guitar. The panic drum on Billy was version no. 27 from memory-welded up on the day by Rod Unknown) These tracks are from a recording in the 80’s on a Tascam portable cassette recorder They are a nice snapshot of the Duo. Hopefully I can elicit some more raw material to put up here.


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Here’s a little sample of cottage action from a long weekend in 2008. Three tracks featuring Rod Unknown and Crunchy Weta.

Download RGBRG here

Flutterby. A Short Play About Chaos.

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Back around the time of Di’s death we had it in us to write a playlet about chaos. We were aiming to forgo any structures we knew of. All the characters names began with the letter C. As absurdity piled upon inanity the whole process took on a life of it’s own. The roof caught fire, the word processor joined the party and began spewing forth a bunch of Omegas, cars broke down,synchronicities screamed,  relationships came adrift and people died.

Well one day someone got the idea to set the play to music. Whilst far from convincing I’m putting it back out in the ether. Maybe we will revisit it one day.  Anyway the words are here and the sounds follow.

Turkey Shoot

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It was a glorious weekend back in 1988. The Weta-a-gogo clan swarmed north to Waipu and enjoyed a high ol’ time at JD’s ranch. The band had a warm up jam as JD sorted out a gig at the local bar. A few short hours later and a few of the locals were completely blown away – it’s doubtful they knew what hit them.
Anyway here’s a few tracks from that jam session, recorded at acoustic levels in the homestead. The quality is about what you would expect from a 20 year old tape recorded on a cheap cassette recorder. I have chosen these tracks as most of them were not included in the History Of The Wetas release – although the versions of Mushroom and Follow You from that day are here. They are nicely complementary to the History versions.

Download Turkeyshoot zip here.