Dodo Duo

Here’s a blast from the 80’s. Ian and Andrew Unknown were a tight little duo with a bluesy/rnr heart and a beat soul. Who could forget the night at the Rising Sun tavern when they took the stage with a guitar and a panic drum ( a concoction made from a tin can and a guitar string which Ian wielded as a percussive/rhythmic accompaniment to Andrews burning guitar. The panic drum on Billy was version no. 27 from memory-welded up on the day by Rod Unknown) These tracks are from a recording in the 80’s on a Tascam portable cassette recorder They are a nice snapshot of the Duo. Hopefully I can elicit some more raw material to put up here.

~ by wetaacide on June 9, 2009.

One Response to “Dodo Duo”

  1. Wow, takes me back, Jack, out of whack….cheers Glenny, Ian.
    P.S. definitely a PD on “Dodo”, that one made from a cat food tin i believe!

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