Peasants Work.

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My grass was long and was cut down. After a bit of sun drying I raked it up into bundles and now it’s mostly mulch around the trees. You get into certain rhythms raking up grass. At night I headed to the cottage and let the music flow. The next day it would be working in the sun to the rhythms created the night before. All in all, a very grounding experience. And the blisters didn’t last too long.


Climbing Higher : 10000 Listens

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About 8 months ago I began to upload tracks to Tindeck. There are tracks from the 80,s through to now. By late November there had been 5000 listens. Today (Jan14th) there are around 10000. Getting over a thousand a week  now. Cool!

We Are The Unknown

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Hey, like a theme song or something! A few drunken moments from the Shorn Sheep Session, On the Road to Wellsford and the Newmarket Xmas Gallery sessions. All completely self indulgent cos like we care!

History Of The Wetas

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Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.
The links allow you to listen and/or download. (For better sound I recommend download and burn yourself and friends a cd ūüôā
First up is the near legendary “History Of the Wetas”. Originally released in 1988 on Loaded tapes ( a near forgotten Auckland tape label released by Andrew Moore).¬† The tape consisted of 6 tracks by three versions of the same band:

Download History Of The Wetas here

Luau and Follow You – The Hope Children

Mushroom and Cowboys –¬†Silver Dream Rocket¬†live

96 Tears and Wetarock – Wetagogo Live.

I have included here versions from a Grooveweta concert in Rotterdam in 2004. (Thanks to Marcel for setting up the gig and recording it.)

I will place some further rare recordings up as they become available.

The Unknown part2

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Less dark, occasionally humorous adventures from The Unknown 2005-7.

Download¬†both hits¬†of weirdness¬† —–> Alpha Omega


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A collection of spikey bits best served with creamy frothy milk fresh from the cowshed, brown sugar and a handful of stewed Black Doris plums. A side dish of greens of your choice wouldn’t go astray either.

First up the final known recording of Luau, recorded at JD’s ranch. First time we’d played together for months. A 16 year old Mel was playing full on wiggy lead guitar. Where is he now? Track two is the only known recording of Sad Song and is guitar and bass only.

Mr Steel and Dance are a couple of live tracks from the three piece line-up. With the band scattered from Northland to Nelson pulling everyone together for a gig was difficult. The usual was for those playing to turn up the day before and have a relaxed rehearsal session running into a party ending sometime after the gig was finished.

Man who shot Mepaw could extend for¬† many minutes and basically involved telling a long running joke about a three legged dog in the desert¬† hunting for the man who shot me paw…although we were reliably informed that Mepaw was some famous renegade of the East. I’m goin down was an early piece that variously featured an extended break with cello and/or bagpipes (unfortunately never recorded).

Rainbow Connexions was a protest song written when the Lange government gave up the French terrorists, who sank the Rainbow Warrior in our hometown,¬†under pressure from EU for butter sales.¬† It owes a whole lot to The Fall (spot the riff!) ¬†Also in the ‘that resembles a song I know’ category is Wildeman. Being fans of early US garage sounds we had a shot replicating a song we heard once or twice, but which was¬†exceedingly difficult to locate.¬† I think the only other songs we covered per se were¬† 96 Tears, Sister Ray and Sugar Sugar.

Last up is Short Song, something we often started a gig with, again the three piece Tony, Rod and Glenn.

Found not Refined.

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Ol’ Weta he bin scratchin round, Listen to what he all found…..

A bit of The Unknown, from (1998) the day before Ian Unknown first left for Osaka – short and long versions (long for afficianados – *irony*). There are a few nice soundscapes on this tape I have yet to turn digital, so keep your knees pealed…

Then a couple of goodies from the Dodo Duo